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Ladies, Women, and Grrls
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This is a new community that is actually OPEN to people of all ages (and actually, genders, although it is female-focused). It's a place for poly women to meet, share ideas/stories/whatever, and maybe find a lil' looooove. *makes obnoxious kissy noises*

You don't have to be the following to join:

-Over 21
-Biologically Female
-Selected by the Moderator
-Possessing 3 forms of Picture ID
-A Naturalized US citizen
-A former member of a grrl band
-Ms. BDSM of America (past or present)

As you can see, some of the things on this list are either ridiculous or based on personal preferences that not everybody could possibly fit (and yes, I've actually found some of these listed as requirements for other places... not saying it's not working for them, but really). Of course, if you ARE any of these things, yr welcome too :)

Lastly, for a damn-good explanation of what Polyamory is, in brief, do click here.

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