DivaPrime (divaprime) wrote in poly_grrls,

Decadence Inc on WoW

Decadence Inc,, the only Bi Poly Pagan Geek Guild on World of Warcraft, is actively recruiting Bi Poly Pagan Geeks and allies. We have both Alliance and Horde branches on seperate servers. Decadence Inc is a family style guild. We have a Ventrilo server, a RPGO web site and an LJ. All training is covered, skill up mats are provided, and new characters coddled. Guild meetings are every other Sunday and consist of a lot of flirting, twinking and naked dancing. Yes, we're an adult, no drama, high fun guild.

Our Alliance characters are on Uldaman, a fairly new, low population server. We've even had folks transfer in. Transfers get a 5 gold for every 10 levels bounty. Levels go from 1 to 42 currently.

Our Horde are on Cenarion Circle, a high population server, but other than an occassional minute or so wait to get on, no one has had any trouble there. Still brand new, we go from levels 1-19.

So if you'd like to play with other Bi Poly Pagan Geeks, be treated as family, with no phobic comments, just come to Uldaman or Cenerion Circle and type /who decadence and ask for a guild invite.

Looking forward to playing with you,

AKA Telleride the Twink Fairy and Tellerade the Twink Troll

PS: WoW is down for patching until 1pm PST Tuesday 12/5, so don't try to join until after that.

xposted to many bi and poly LJs and mailing lists. Please do NOT repost. If you know of an LJ, yahoogroup, or other list, or site, that might have BPPG WoW players, please post it here and I'll check it out. This is to keep repeats to a minimum. Thank you.
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