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New Community

Hi everyone,

I know this is not the primary focus of the community but I thought there might be some people interested in a new lj group... I have started a new community with the hopes of fostering connections between individuals who live, want to live or identify with a D/s lifestyle. Poeple will specific kinks like bondage, fireplay, etc, who nonetheless also have a strong interest in power exchange relationships as opposed to just scening with a power dynamic are encouraged to join. The community is called "powercommitment", the blurb is below, and I would love for you to join and/or forward info to people as appropriate.



This community is meant for people who are interested in D/s relationships beyond "scening" or "kink" but as a part of their fundamental identity or intentional lifestyle. Slaves, girls, boys, bois, Masters, Dominants, Daddy's, Mommy's, and any others who live (or wish to live) any manifestation of power-exchange in their lives are welcome to join. My hope is that those who join will be able to network with each other, finding support and companionship from others in their regions who try to live similarly. Also, the group is a forum for discussions about the rewards and challengings of living a D/s relationship. Topics could include negotiating contracts, 24-7 vs. limited relationships, polyamory in D/s relationships, commitment issues, mutual repsonsibility, discipline and punishment, spirituality of D/s, independence and personal space in D/s, or anything else that people want to talk about.
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