grumpybearshi (grumpybearshi) wrote in poly_grrls,

I've never posted here, so I thought I'd post an intro.

I'm 26 years old, 27 next week... I have kids, I've been married and gotten divorced, I have a boyfriend. I'm from Michigan, lived in different parts of Virginia and find myself in Knoxville, TN now.

For the longest time I was a married, bi-curious girl. I didn't admit my curiosity because I grew up being taught that it was bad, wrong, and evil. When I was about 21 I started admitting my curiosity and left my husband. When I was 23 I actually tried it and liked it! I've been with my boyfriend for over 3 years. I love him and am still attracted to him, but I find myself more attracted to other women than men. I don't look at men and think, "he's hot." I do, however, look at women and find myself interested. If I weren't with my boyfriend, I don't think I would be with another guy.

The poly comes in because I do not believe that a person can ONLY love one person. I think that with honesty and integrity a person can have multiple loves and none of the relationships are damaged because of this. I am hoping that I'm one day able to find a woman that accepts that I have a boyfriend, but can love her just the same.
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