Wordy Girl (wordygirl) wrote in poly_grrls,
Wordy Girl

update on journey from lesbian to bi

It's now been a couple of months since I initiated the thread below, about going from lesbian to bi, and I thought I'd pop in with an update. Where several months ago the idea of getting involved with a man was mere speculation, I now find myself in one local relationship with a man, with the possibility for more long distance relationships with other men. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the concept of being with a man, after having so actively identified as a lesbian for so long, but I'm also trying to just enjoy it rather than put a label on it.

I've written a bit more in my journal about "how I became guy curious," if that topic is of interest to any of you reading here (it is very much related to the topic of polyamory). I'd also like to write more about this process of evolving into a different kind of person than who I imagined myself to be, through the options that poly has made available to me, but need to find some time to spare in between keeping up with all these new connections!
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