Wordy Girl (wordygirl) wrote in poly_grrls,
Wordy Girl

primary/secondary vs. other poly models

I am curious to hear other people's thoughts on the relative merits of the primary/secondary model for polyamorous relationships, maybe not so much in terms of whether this is a "good" model in general terms, but whether it works for you personally, and why or why not. If you don't use this model but describe your relationships in other terms, what are they and why are those terms more comfortable for you?

I was thinking about this recently while listening to a group of poly people who used the terms in ways that made me realize that I don't mean the same things by them that they seem to mean, so that prompted me to question whether or not these terms work for me. I've written a longer reflection on this question in my personal LJ (click here for the entry), but thought it would be interesting to discuss with other poly people besides those already on my friends list.

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